Journal from my Future-self About Covid-19

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It is 3/27/2025. I still remember how it changed the way we live now, 5 years ago. There was a huge outbreak of virus, Covid-19 worldwide. Many people died, many people had to live with much less income than they used to. People had to stay at home for months while hospital staffs had to work long hours risking their own lives. People panicked at first but slowly learned to live with the new norm and started adapting to live the best way they could. We also learned that we are all in this together and EVERYONE had to follow the rules to stop the spread.

Yesterday, I was talking with my friend whose relationship with her husband was at a risk before that happened. She said, it almost killed their relationship with all the stress and fear but they decided to choose that time to heal the relationship and now they are in love again. For that, she said it was the best “timeout” she got.

Another friend of mine told me that he was working 65-70 hours a week because he wanted to be successful, support his family and be a good role model to his children that he is a hard worker. But he was never there for them… Chasing his goals, he had forgotten why he started in the first place. 2020’s quarantine made him pause and look at his children, look at them clearly. He realized he was running out of the time to be with them to teach them by “More is caught than taught” and make memories. They now play card games every Wednesday and have a movie night at home every Friday. More importantly, his teenage boys love to talk to him and they have a great relationship.

For me, I re-learned that there are things we can’t change and there are things we can. I met so many amazing people who think like me and tried to use this time to give back and lift others up. Watching disaster movies, I always wanted to be the one who stayed until the last and help others instead of being that person who step on others to escape-those die first in the movie always anyway…

5 years ago, the universe put a high fence for us to stay in, away from the real danger and put a cone on our heads to not lick our wounds, we hated it but we are now healthier than ever. It did pass and it was… a gift…